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Ceramic Pro is a multi-layerable, clear, liquid nanoceramic coating, based on revolutionary technology. The coating will chemically bond, transforming itself on the surface to become a rigid, super-structure of nanoglass, protecting the substrate it is applied to indefinitely. Ceramic Pro was designed as an industrial, multi-functional, protective coating for all surfaces. The nanoceramic glass coating forms an exceptionally strong and durable shield, resistant to solvents, acids, alkalies, UV rays, harsh weather conditions and corrosion. At SD Auto Salon, we apply the coating through spray application. This allows for a much thicker, more consistent coating over the traditional hand application method. 

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2 Year Warranty

- 1 Layer of Light

- 1 Layer of Light on Plastic Trim

- 1 Layer of Light on Face of Rims

- 1 Layer of “Rain” on Windshield and Front Side Windows


5 Year Warranty

- 1 Layer of 9H

1 Layer of "Light" as a Top Coat

- 1 Layer of 9H on Plastic Trim

- 1 Layer of 9H on Face of Rims

- 1 Layer of “Rain” on Windshield and Front Side Windows


Lifetime Warranty

- 4 Layers of 9H

- 1 Extra Layer on Exposed Areas

1 Layer of "Light" as a Top Coat

- 1 Layer of 9H on Plastic Trim

- 1 Layer of Wheel & Caliper on Face of Rims

- 1 Layer of “Rain” on All Windows


Lifetime Warranty

- 10 Layers of 9H

- 2 Layer of "Light" as a Top Coat

- 1 Layer of 9H on Plastic Trim

- 1 Layer of Wheel & Caliper on Rims and Inner Barrel (Wheels Off)

- 2 Layer of “Rain” on All Windows


6 Month Warranty

The Ceramic Pro Sport Package is a great option for those new to paint protection. Ceramic Pro Sport is a protective, hydrophobic paint coating. Water and other liquids easily slide off the surface and cleaning your car will be easier than ever. Your paint will be protected from environmental fallout such as dirt, bird droppings and bug acids.



Standard or Plus Options

Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl was designed as a protective coating for polyurethane film and vinyl. It protects from contamination and weathering resulting in film that is much easier to clean. It also helps reduce vinyl’s orange peel look. The complete protection program involves a base coat and top coat application.

Standard - 1 Base Coat, 1 Top Coat

Plus - 2 Base Coats, 1 Top Coat


Carpet, Plastic, Leather, Carbon Fiber

Our interior protection is one of the top interior packages on the market. We coat every single thing in your interior with Ceramic Pro’s flagship protective product: 9H. Included in our interior protections, we treat the following surfaces: leather, plastics, textiles, carbon fiber, vinyl and any other surfaces used in the automotive industry.


Options Available

We are able to coat your rims only if desired. Usually clients opt for this option when they buy new rims, freshly painted or straight from powder coating. Available in 2, 5 or lifetime coatings.



Package Deal

Considering just a front end Xpel package, but want complete vehicle protection? We got you covered! We also offer the option of installing PPF to the front end of the vehicle and applying Ceramic Pro to the rest of the paint. This also includes applying Ceramic Pro PPF to the film. 

Learn More About Xpel Paint Protection Film



Dealership Program

We also offer competitive dealership and incentive programs. We are fully licensed and backed by Ceramic Pro to offer our superior services nationwide. We are a team of Certified Installers with a Master Trainer on hand. We have the capability of sending a team to the dealership facility, providing training to the dealership technicians or bringing the vehicles to our shop to provide our protective coating services. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to schedule a free dealership consultation or demonstration.

Check out the video below of our training program we provided for Lamborghini Newport Beach.


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