$200 OFF Bundle Packages

Holidays are the perfect time to get your savings on! We are offering $200 OFF Bundle packages if you book before 12/31/2018. Combine any two services - XPEL Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Pro Coating, Paint Correction or Tint and


Choose any of the two qualifying services below to receive the promotional discount.

Services Include:

1) Partial Front End Paint Protection Film

2) Full Front End Paint Protection Film

3) Full Body Vehicle Paint Protection Film

4) Full Vehicle Paint Correction

5) Full Vehicle Polish

6) Nano-Ceramic Window Tint All Around

7) Nano-Carbon Window Tint All Around

8) Ceramic Pro Gold Package

9) Ceramic Pro Silver Package

10) Ceramic Pro Bronze Package

11) Ceramic Pro Wheels Only Package

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Must book an appointment or leave a deposit before promotion end date. Services may be scheduled to be performed after promotion ends.